Paul first hated the spray and the bumps. Each time he got to the bottom of the hill, he was very angry and did not like sledding. Each time he got to the top, he wanted to go again. We let him try a plastice disk. He lay half on it and the drag of his legs acted like the feathers on an arrow. He went straight down every time and loved it. He would trudge slowly back to the top and immediately go down again. The "spacesuita" was easy to follow as he descended, but his face was not visible.


Snow! 8 inches and falling, January 2nd 2002.


Kitty, Chess and Corey



Paul in the snow 02 22 2001

Paul and birthday cake

Paul and birthday present

Elise and a birthday gift Valentine's Day 2001.

Halloween 2000

All of these pictures are about 120K.

Monroe, Elise and Paul in Costume

Monroe with her pumpkin

Elise with her pumpkin

Paul with his pumpkin

Paul made mud pies and threw them at the house. I tried to keep a straight face when I told him he was bad.

Paul and his dirty work